Recent nail art

Ok so so so sorry it’s been a long time coming being a wife mother student and artist is a lot to take on in between being a good friend daughter sister wife mother etc anyway here some pictures to keep you busy maybe one more step towards working towards opening my very own beauty and nail bar. I think I have improved throughout this year. one day maybe baby 


Wide Nail beds flat nails transformed

So today I had a lady come who struggles to have salons apply nail extensions as her nail bed is so wide and her nails do not have an apex and they are so flat, Well my nail extensions last up to and beyond two weeks for her so  I used blended tips to customise tips for her individual finger nails. One very happy lady what do you guys think.

More Practice – 2nd Attempt At Blue Ombre

The top finger is my 2nd attempt I am hoping to get the hang of mixing the acrylic to enable the colour to blend properly to show ombre more, I am thinking of mixing the white with the blue to make a lighter blue perhaps that would work, although I have college Tuesday evening so may have to soak my attempts of then try after Wednesday. Well thanks for looking.