Nails done lately


Self taught one stroke butterfly 

So this is a small short how to clip on how to paint a one stroke butterfly, I watched a 30 second clip and taught myself this after watching it 4 times hope you like it xx.

Jungle books nail art

sorry I haven’t posted recently what with beauty college caring for my partner who has a life long illness and having two daughters and a house in seem to run out of time after updating Instagram facebook snapchat and twitter, here is this week’s effort il also put a few more designs below that I have recently done too xxx thanks for looking

My new nails 

So I’ve been thinking it’s all well and good showing you guys and gals my nail designs on tips, but if I do my designs as a set on my own nails… well that’s a whole new ball game so here it is halloween came early to me and will probably stay for the month. I will show what I’ve done since last night Enjoy 

All about me x

So this morning I woke up decided I looked awful preceeded to put all of this stuff on my face 

Then after that I felt better about myself is that a bad thing ??

Any way I will post some pics of nail art now