All about me x

So this morning I woke up decided I looked awful preceeded to put all of this stuff on my face 

Then after that I felt better about myself is that a bad thing ??

Any way I will post some pics of nail art now 



Ok so 1st attempt an hour before college now whilst I’m posting it have 5 mins to sort myself before leaving however I know I have been quite this last month but I promise it was worth the wait….

Nail Products

Ok so I am never really one for words or a whole page of words, but tonight I am chilling in my day bed after a day at beauty college and an evening being a mum and caring for my husband, and I’m thinking I always post pictures of the nail art I want to do or have done, but I hardly ever go into detail about products I used and loved and products I’ve tried and hated! 

So here we go il give it a go  i use ibd gel polish for most of my gel designs.

Crystal nails royal gel and their barbra II nail detailer brush for the finer lines and doting tools for small circles.

I have since moved onto or introduced crystal nails acrylic one stroke paint I find its great for pigment and amazing along with their one stroke brushes, but if you want to try this be aware you can’t use a brush you have used with gel previously as it won’t work as well. 

Tonight I have ordered a set of acrylic paints for nail art from amazon in the hope that the pigments are going to be deep enough, well fingers crossed and also a new detailer brush solely for acrylic fine detail work from crystal nails.

Gel I have really started to dislike is elle 99 I find the pigments weak for the art that I want to achieve and their mattalic gel didn’t even cure, very disappointed but onwards and upwards.

I use a led light for my gels as this cures within 30 seconds and a gel top coat over my acrylic nail art. 

Hope this answers a few thoughts curiosity  and questions.